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Prayer For The Day

Heavenly Father God, Creator of the heavens and earth and all of creation, Holy is Your name.

With You, Father, all things are possible.  I come before Your throne in the name of Your Son Jesus Christ, as Your Word asks that we let our petitions and requests be known unto You.

You, Father God, Who created all wonderful things; all things out of nothing, out of darkness, by just Your  Word, formed the heavens and the earth and brought us to life.

I praise You, Father God, and give You the glory and the honor and commit my life, my being, my desires and all that I am and have unto You and ask that You perfect all of those things within us.

Jesus said in John 14:14, “If you ask anything in my name, I will do it.” This is what I ask, Father God, in Jesus name:

I lift us up to You today, Father God, Jehovah, and ask that You enable us to daily surrender all that we have and are and hope for into Your care and that you reconstruct our lives, minds, hearts, and flesh, restoring us to perfect health, both physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially.

I ask that You raise us up as truly great and mighty ambassadors of Your Son Jesus and destroy in us all the works of the enemy. I ask that You heal us on every level, and restore what the worm and moth have eaten and destroyed in our lives over the years. I ask that you enrich our lives and grant us rewarding and profitable careers; a work that glorifies You and blesses others while richly blesses us both financially, emotionally and spiritually.

Grant us supernatural insight, understanding and the gift of prophecy. Make us an instrument of your unfailing love.

Teach our hands to prosper.

Cleanse us of all emotional, physical and spiritual impurities; sanctify us and set us apart, for Your work and Your glory. Give us eyes to see, ears to hear, a mind and heart that grasps all that You would have us to know, see, understand and feel.

Make a way for us where there is no way; streams in the desert, rivers in the wilderness. Heal every cell of our body from the crown of our head to the soles of our feet.

Replace our heart of stone with a heart of flesh. Tenderize us, soften us, turn our sorrows into joy, our tears into laughter, our worries, fears, failures, defeats, and heartaches into victories, triumphs, and great success, in order that our joy may be fulfilled, Your name glorified and that our testimony of Your power rendered perfect in our weakness, afflictions, trials, and tribulations, transforms the lives of others and instills hope and faith and promise to all who would need it.

Raise us up from the grip of death and destruction, pull our hearts out of the world and set our feet upon the Rock of Jesus.

Renew a right spirit within us and bring us all into the full saving knowledge of Your Son Jesus. Send the hounds of heaven into our lives, to minister, witness, and testify of Your Word, Your Son Jesus and Your immeasurable love and goodness towards us all, perfecting our faith in You at all times, that we may be able to completely overcome every and any adversity and fiery dart of the enemy.

Be a lamp unto our feet, place us on a plain path and guide us towards those people, places, and endeavors that You would have us to seek, undertake and attend. Enable us to arrive at all the destinations you desire. Order our each and every step, speaking to us continually through the ministering of Your Holy Spirit and Your ministering angels.

Place the desires You prefer in our hearts, replacing our own with only Yours. Raise us up a Godly and Holy people, with an insatiable hunger, thirst and desire to know You, to seek You, to do all that You would ask, to commit ourselves fully and entirely to You and to read and receive Your Word.

Replace our broken lives, bodies, heart, and emotions with brand-new, healthy, joyful, beautiful, purposeful, lives, bodies, hearts and emotions; lives that glorify You and honor you immeasurably.

Pour out an immeasurable portion of Your Holy Spirit upon us, Father, and reach out to us from Your Throne, Lord God, sparing our lives, pulling us out of the flames, out of the mire, out of the pit, off of the path of destruction and renew a right Spirit within each and every one of us.

Lord God, grant us our hearts desires; those desires that You have placed within each and every one of us. Grant us an extraordinary, long, richly blessed, highly favored, prosperous, healthy, joyous, abundant life, inundated with purpose, direction, zeal, ambition, courage, discipline, and discernment. Enable us to be a great blessing to others and all those that You would place upon our path.

Meet our each and every need, daily Father God, in extraordinary abundance as we share our great witness, testimony and abundance with others. Grant us the ability to love others as Jesus did and inundate our hearts with immeasurable mercy, compassion, love, kindness, courage, insight, wisdom, knowledge and understanding.

Deliver us from evil and all that would raise itself up against us, against You and Your glorious Word. Come against those who come against us with wicked hearts and evil intentions. Guard our lives each and every moment of each and every day. Protect us at all times, saving us from the snares of our enemies, from death, disease, destruction, annihilation, doom, catastrophe; every form of harm, illness, neglect, abuse, injustice, and disaster. Grant your guardian angels charge to protect us at all times and surround us with an impenetrable shield of protection at all times.

Deliver us from anything that would raise itself up to take our lives, rob us, ensnare us, depress us, deceive us, betray us and destroy us.

Destroy in us all wickedness, evil, works of the enemy, wrong, twisted, bent, skewed, Godless thoughts, ideas, desires, and attitudes. Convert us, conform us, set us apart for Your purpose, Your plan and Your delight.

Close doors for us that You would not have us to enter and open doors for us that you would have us to enter. Convict our hearts of all wrong-doing and show us the error of our ways. Enable us to see Your Truth, Your ways and Your purpose for our lives. Establish us where You would have us to live and work.

Turn our thoughts towards You and raise up a mighty support system of believers whom we will trust and interact with, people of You, who will speak Your Words to us daily and provide for us the necessary support that we need in order to grow and change.

Show us all that You would have us to see, know, feel, believe, understand and do. Transform us by the renewing of our minds into attentive, loving, caring, nurturing, compassionate, merciful, sweet, gentle, tender, understanding, warm, approachable, brilliant, and insightful, treasures that You delight in.

Turn our hearts towards the things of You, Father God and establish us in all things right, Godly, honorable and noble. Deliver us out of those places that are not of You and deliver us out of the lives of those people You would not have us to be a part of.

Separate us from all that is not of You, sanctify us for Your purpose and Your glory and grant us the gifts of the Spirit and the mind of Christ. Destroy all the works of the enemy in our lives, our being, our mind, our heart, and our path.

Speak daily to all of us who are now praying this prayer. Enable us to feel love, give love, show love and live Godly lives as Jesus did, as Jesus is and was to us. Knit our hearts together with Your heart, let our thoughts become Holy and sin a complete revulsion.

Blind us to the words, visions and counsel of the ungodly, and enable us to reject all that isn’t of You. Deliver us from immaturity, destroy in us the portal that renders us vulnerable and impressionable to the enemy and the things, places and people of this world that are not of You.

Enable us to see clearly those areas of our lives, behaviors, thoughts, and attitudes that are evil, wicked, corrupt, ungodly, undignified, reprehensible, vile, despicable and dishonorable and allow us to be thoroughly and completely revolted, disgusted and removed by every trace of evil.

Grant us the immeasurable power, desire, ability, and strength to become great men and women of valor, truly noble, Godly, rightly dividing all words of Truth. Make us men and women of our word at all times.

Destroy in us any trace of the behaviors of the enemy – The father of Lies; the deceiver, the betrayer, the childish, foolish, self-seeking, pride-filled, arrogant, belligerent, abuser, who mistreats others, void of respect and incapable of making others feel important, cherished, highly regarded, greatly appreciated, invaluable and deeply loved.

Destroy, remove and eradicate those behaviors, Father God, and enable us to clearly see these things in ourselves and place in us a fervent, impassioned and ardent desire to renounce all of those behaviors and all behaviors that impede us from being the men and women You would have us to become.

Grant us the know-how, knowledge, understanding, depth, wisdom, and ability to completely turn from those behaviors, repent of those behaviors and to see them for what they really are.

Father God, I ask that You give us a passionate, profound, intense, immeasurable heart of love, and a need, a desire and drive to serve you and others.

Purify our thoughts, hopes, wishes, needs and desires. Enable us to see others through the eyes of Jesus and to marvel in their talents, abilities, heart, mind, spirit, and soul – to put the needs of others above our own.

Turn our attention towards far greater, higher and nobler of things. Enable us to forego the foolish things of this world without sorrow, regret, remorse, longing or sadness. Let those things be repulsive to us, Father and turn our attention to the things of You at all times.

Raise up standards in our hearts that are grand, pure, noble, honorable and wise, where infidelity, cruelty, harsh treatment, mistreatment, self-serving ambitions with hidden agendas, no longer play any role in our behaviors, heart or mind. Make us steadfast, forbearing, long-suffering, patient, understanding, reverent, kind, and honest; a people pure of heart.

Make us men and women who are always reliable, dependable, resourceful, comforting, diligent and trustworthy in all things.

Deliver us from addictions, connections, memories, obsessions, devices, theories, ideologies, misconceptions, preconceived notions, hopes, wishes, dreams and desires that are not of You, Father God.

Enlighten us, draw us, rise up counselors who will speak Your Words to us in all things, and enable us to see and feel and understand and believe and receive Your words, implementing them into our lives daily.

Let us be an awe-inspiring people, radiating Your love, mercy, goodness, and power in all things at all times with a profound life story that will testify of Your greatness and enable us to become the men and the women You would have us to be as Your Holy Spirit shines through us, drawing others towards us as we demonstrate Your miraculous power by our faith in Jesus.

I ask that you make us highly supportive of others and I ask that you manifest Your miracles, power, love, goodness, greatness, and mercy in our lives right now, today and forevermore as we use everything given to us by You to glorify You and testify of You in the land of the living, for the rest of our lives.

Turn our circumstances into a great witness of your power, omnipotence, and goodness. Manifest Yourself in our lives today, Father and manifest the desires of our hearts, those desires You have placed in our hearts beginning now, Lord. Comfort us. Counsel us. Provide for us.

Let our hopes and dreams become a reality and bring to fruition all that we ask, need, desire and believe for, in the here and now, as we declare Your Word to a lost and dying generation.

Perfect all of those things which concern us and richly bless every area of our lives daily. Bless us with an immeasurable portion of Your goodness, in every area of our lives, starting today, for the rest of our lives.

Knit our hearts together with Yours and expedite Your plans, miracles, desires, and bring showers of blessings into our lives immediately. Come quickly, Father and save us in all things, great and small.

Let Your will be done in our lives, starting today and into forever. Encourage us now, wipe away our tears, meet our each and every need, bind up our broken hearts, turn our darkness into light, send us messengers of Your Word to speak to us, build us up, edify us, bring us joy and good tidings and grant us a perfect vision and enable us to know clearly what it is we are to be believing for. Grant us an immeasurable portion of faith and instill in us all the fruits of the spirit.

Let Your ways become our Ways in everything. Grant us immeasurable intellect and rise up for us glorious opportunities, ideas, and options that will lead us to richly blessed, rewarding lives, careers, unions, relationships, projects, friendships, and endeavors.

Place us in loving families who will care for us deeply and always have our best interest at heart. Grant us the wife and the husband you intend for us to have and unify us, Father, that we are no longer forsaken, abandoned, isolated, alone, lonesome, rejected, discouraged and disregarded.

I thank You for everything; for all that You have done, are doing and continue to do in our lives. I give You the glory, the honor, the praise and I worship You, as Your Will is done on earth as it is in heaven.

In Jesus Christ’s name,



A Prophecy

The reason behind why you don’t seem to be winning this war:


You’re moving on.

You’re no longer growing here.

You’ve outgrown this company.

Shake the dust off your boots and move on.

It’s time to go.

He has a great abundance in store for you and without literally ‘firing’ you, there was no other way to get you out in order that He could place you where He wants you next.

You were too comfortable, settled in and not motivated enough or compelled enough to walk out. Now you are motivated and quite so. Anger can sometimes be a very powerful, motivating factor.

You haven’t been defeated in the least.

You’ve been victorious all the way. Now give Him thanks.

A few things for you to pray about.

Do what Gideon did – put out a fleece. Ask God to confirm His words to you with signs and wonders; try the spirits, whether they are of the Lord or not because the Bible says that He does and He will confirm that which He specifically addresses unto you. Don’t limit Him.

For You

A Word for you from God Our Father.

“The Lord has heard your prayers. He, Who is Most High shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler. He has a mighty work in store for you, unlike anything you have ever imagined possible. You will no longer be betrayed. Days of rejection are nearing an end. Those who have deceived you, betrayed you, bore false witness against you, shall live to see you elevated to heights beyond all-natural reason.

All who defamed you will be brought low; brought to shame, embarrassed and made aware of the error of their way. Their devices shall prove to be of none-effect. I shall remove the shame and humiliation that taunts and torments; the constant ridicule, the hate without cause, the envy, the strife, the jealousies, and the wicked persuasions. You shall no longer be the object of their cunning persuasions. My hand of mercy, strength, power, and comfort is upon you.

The wealth of the nations shall be added unto you. I am preparing you for greatness; you shall serve Me; you will go forth with a shout; with great joy and singing and be the leader whom of which I have called you to be.

I am preparing you for great abundance; I have prepared a table for you in the presence of your enemies and they too shall call you blessed.

Turn to me and surrender and I will heal thy broken relationships.

Hear me, He says, for I am calling out to you and I will bring you out of the wilderness, out of the valley, out from amongst them and have already placed your feet upon a Rock. My salvation holds you upright and all that know you shall see it.

Is anything too great for Me? I should say not. Do you doubt what I can do?

Are you even truly aware of what I am most capable of and what I can do for you? My divine intervention is upon you. My rest is upon you; to heal, to comfort, to lift up and to bring forth; to anoint and to heal, to lift the insurmountable pressure and strain off of your back. Cast your cares upon me. I shall give you rest.

I am doing a new thing in you; do you not perceive it?

I have heard your cries and before you called, I answered. My Word proceeds forth as a wellspring of life; to clear the debris of the decimation, to be a lamp unto your feet, a light in the darkness, and I, The Great I Am, Jehovah-Jireh, Adonai, The God of All the Earth, The God of All Creation, will indeed make a way for you, My beloved son, where there seems to be no other passage and no way out – it shall be done for you because you take refuge in Me and have called upon My Holy name to deliver you.

Drink your fill of the abundance of My House. This shall be a great, triumphant and victorious testimony for you, My son, as you shall be My Witness and you will declare My Word, My Works, My Wonders, My Tender Mercies, My Everlasting Compassion, My Glorious Truth, for My Glory and the salvation of many, across the globe, for all the many days of your life.

I am preparing you, raising you up, establishing you, perfecting all that concerns both you and your household; your seed and thy seed, shall serve Me and show forth My glorious wonders to a lost and dying generation.

Ask yourself this day, ‘What are you going to believe Me for from here on in?’ A thousand shall fall at thy side and ten thousand at thy right hand but it shall not come nigh thee.

Have you forgotten My Word declares,”If ye shall ask anything in My name, I will do it. If ye love me, keep My commandments. And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever.”

Do not waver in faith, riddled with doubt like the others whom, having a form of Godliness, continually denying themselves the opportunity to hold fast to all that I can accomplish in the lives of those who will take Me at My Word.

Therefore I say to you, this day, My Son, stand firm, obey, declare and believe that I have heard your requests and believe Me for what you ask. Stop limiting Me.

I shall extend your years to make room for what it is I am about to do. Because you have called upon My name, I shall deliver you from many waters.

The flame shall not kindle upon thee, nor shall the waters rise up and overtake you. I will be with you in all things and everywhere that you go, I shall be with you.

Thank Me continually for all that I have done, am doing and continue to do in Your life. Be not afraid for I am with you.

You must stand firm; you must believe, you must obey My Word, Trust Me for a blessed outcome, bless the Lord of creation and forget not His benefits and know this – that you are highly favored and deeply loved.

Spend more time with Me for My Word say’s “Delight yourself in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart.” For you shall then know that I am the Lord thy God, and My people will not be put to shame.


Be Holy for I am Holy.” End of prophecy