The Lord Can Deliver You

the Lord is your deliverer
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Here is where you relay your burdens, worries, difficulties, fears, heartaches, disappointments, sorrows, grief, loss, endings and all of those matters that concern you and here is where your support system begins.

We work with you to uncover solutions, options, outs, and ideas. We help you to problem solve and find peaceful resolutions.

Are you suffering in silence?

Do you feel alone in your situation?

Are you confused, worried and fearful?

Are you riddled with guilt and remorse?

Do you feel as though you don’t belong?

Do you feel abandoned, isolated, forsaken?

Are you unsure as to how you should proceed?

Do you feel victimized, abused and mistreated?

Do you feel numb, empty, hollow, indifferent and lost?

Has life been cruel to you, merciless, cold, unfeeling and brutal?

Do you wrestle with recurrent thoughts, patterns and feel anxious?

Are you the bully? Do you harbor rage and resentment? Are you burning inside?

Are you tormented by the cares of this world and old wounds that never healed?

Do you act out inappropriately and later feel ashamed, foolish and angry with yourself?

Is your level of confidence, self-esteem, self-image and self-worth at an all-time low?

Does someone continually disappoint you, let you down, fail you and disregard your feelings?

Do you feel unimportant, unloved, unwanted, unneeded, unworthy, rejected, ashamed, foolish and or useless?

The Lord renews you by His love once you allow Him to.

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